New issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter

The summer issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter is available for download at no charge.  In the issue:

  • An article on 3 cases (including 2 this year) in which judges were disciplined for jailing complaining witnesses in domestic violence cases
  • A comparison of cases upholding the prohibition on false statements in judicial election campaigns and cases overturning the prohibition on misleading statements on First Amendment grounds
  • Summaries of several recent cases about disqualification including a U.S. Supreme Court case about due process standards for disqualification when a justice served as a lawyer in the case and cases involving an attorney who had represented the judge without charge in a personal case (which includes a discussion of the rule of necessity), an attorney who is the judge’s close friend, and the judge’s own divorce, with brief summaries of 7 additional cases in which judges were sanctioned for failing to disqualify
  • Summaries of recent advisory opinions on judicial duties and on off-bench activities
  • Summaries of recent judicial discipline cases in which judges were sanctioned for revoking probation based on observations of the probationer at church; for creating the appearance of favoritism by meeting with a litigant’s father, a former judge, before a hearing; for researching the facts of a case on the internet; and for refusing to allow a defendant to testify when he would not, for religious reasons, raise his hand while affirming he would tell the truth

All past issues of the Reporter are also available on-line as free downloads on the Center for Judicial Ethics web-site.  Anyone can sign up to receive notice when a new issue is available.  There is an index of Reporter articles on the Center web-site.



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