Part of the National Center for State Courts, the Center for Judicial Ethics is a national clearinghouse for information about judicial ethics and discipline. The CJE provides research support for the conduct commissions that investigate complaints of judicial misconduct and tracks opinions issued by ethics advisory committees.  Each year, the CJE responds to hundreds of requests for information from reporters, judges, lawyers, and others.  The CJE publishes the Judicial Conduct Reporter and other resources on judicial ethics.  Created by the American Judicature Society in 1977, upon dissolution of AJS in 2014, the CJE became part of the National Center for State Courts, a non-profit corporation that promotes the rule of law and improves the administration of justice in state courts and courts around the world.

Disclaimer:  Opinions expressed in posts on this blog and materials on external sites to which the posts link do not necessarily reflect the positions of the National Center for State Courts or any of its associations, affiliates, or employees.

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