Recent cases

  • The Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly reprimanded a judge for making a mocking gesture with his hand during an attorney’s telephonic appearance during a hearing in a juvenile case and engaging in improper commentary while on the bench.  Kelliher, Order (Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct March 30, 2023).
  • The Arkansas Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission issued an informal adjustment to a judge for holding a campaign sign for a mayoral candidate at a busy intersection.  Letter of Informal Adjustment (Ohm) (Arkansas Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission March 17, 2023).
  • Based on stipulations for resolution of formal proceedings, the Colorado Supreme Court publicly censured a former judge and ordered him to pay $20,658 in attorney fees for making sexual propositions to an attorney at a bar conference.  In the Matter of Timbreza, Order (Colorado Supreme Court Special Tribunal April 24, 2023).
  • Approving a statement of circumstances and conditional agreement for discipline, the Indiana Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a judge for allowing and participating in ex parte communications and failing to take appropriate remedial measures when he received ex parte communications.  In the Matter of Day, Order (Indiana Supreme Court April 18, 2023).
  • Accepting a stipulation based on the judge’s resignation and affirmation that he will not seek or accept judicial office in the future, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct concluded a proceeding against a former judge; in a formal complaint, the Commission had alleged that the judge refused to appear before the Commission to testify about 3 complaints against him and refused to provide the Commission with requested records relevant to its investigation.  In the Matter of Rikard, Decision and order (New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct April 20, 2023).
  • Based on a stipulation and agreement, the Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly admonished a judge for sharing on her Facebook page a “GoFundMe” account to help a woman cover medical expenses.  In re McCroskey, Stipulation, agreement, and order (Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct April 21, 2023).

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