Throwback Thursday

5 years ago this month:

  • In lieu of filing formal disciplinary proceedings, with the judge’s consent, the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications publicly admonished a judge for participating in an ex parte hearing at which the court clerk was banned from the courthouse without providing the clerk notice of the purpose of the hearing or the opportunity to obtain counsel.  Public Admonition of Barry (Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications June 28, 2017).
  • The Maine Supreme Judicial Court ordered that a former probate judge forfeit $5,000 and be suspended from the practice of law in Maine for 2 years for (1) directing that 7 attorneys not be included on the appointments list; (2) removing an attorney from cases to which she had previously been appointed; (3) ordering the destruction of a lawfully obtained public document; (4) issuing orders urging litigants before him to lobby for increased court time; and (5) personally soliciting campaign contributions.  In the Matter of Nadeau, 168 A.3d 746 (Maine 2017).
  • Based on the report of a referee following a hearing, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly censured a non-lawyer judge for seeking special consideration from court officials in connection with an acquaintance’s traffic ticket.  In the Matter of Aluzzi, Determination (New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct June 26, 2017).

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