Throwback Thursday

20 years ago this month:

  • The California Commission on Judicial Performance publicly admonished a judge who had pled nolo contendere to a misdemeanor charge of willful or negligent cutting or mutilation of trees growing on public land without permission.  Public Admonishment of McBrien (California Commission on Judicial Performance April 25, 2002).
  • Accepting the recommendation of the Judiciary Commission, the Louisiana Supreme Court publicly censured a judge for making contributions from his excess campaign funds to 7 candidates for public office.  In re Shea, 815 So. 2d 813 (Louisiana 2002).
  • Pursuant to a stipulation and agreement, the Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly admonished a judge for failing to submit a decision for almost 14 months in the judicial review of an administrative decision of the shoreline hearings board.  In re Sheldon, Stipulation, Agreement and Order of Admonishment (Washington State Commission on Judicial Conduct April 5, 2002).

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