Throwback Thursday

5 years ago this month:

  • The Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly reprimanded a judge for failing to disqualify himself from a case brought by a family member against the school board, engaging in an ex parte communication with a party’s representative, and making public statements at a school board meeting about the matter; the Commission also directed the judge to attend the judicial ethics sessions at the limited jurisdiction new judge orientation.  Yellowhorse, Order (Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct November 14, 2016).
  • The Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline removed a former judge based on his no contest plea to 2 state charges of official oppression for taking advantage of his official capacity by demanding that an adult female model lingerie at her residence in exchange for vacating her outstanding fines and costs and having unwanted sexual contact with another woman.  In re Joy, Opinion (October 7, 2016); Order (Pennsylvania Court of Judicial Discipline November 29, 2016).
  • Based on an agreement for discipline by consent, the South Carolina Supreme Court suspended a judge for 6 months without pay for Facebook posts about a case, political matters, and a fund-raiser for a local church.  In the Matter of Johns, 793 S.E.2d 296 (South Carolina 2016).
  • The Utah Supreme Court approved implementation of the Judicial Conduct Commission’s order of reprimand, based on a stipulation, of a judge for serving as president of the OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates.  In re Kwan, Order (Utah Supreme Court November 4, 2016).

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