Throwback Thursday

20 years ago this month:

  • Adopting the findings of fact of 3 special masters, the California Commission on Judicial Performance removed a judge from office for (1) misrepresenting his educational background on his personal data questionnaires when he sought judicial appointment; (2) falsely representing that he was a Vietnam veteran to judges who could help him gain his appointment; (3) misrepresenting his educational background, legal experience, and affiliations on his judicial data questionnaire; (4) falsely representing to the judge who was to introduce him at the public enrobing ceremony that he was a Vietnam veteran who had received a Purple Heart; (5) falsely representing to attorneys that he had gone to Vietnam, had a master’s degree in psychology, and had shrapnel in his groin received in military combat; (6) falsely telling a newspaper reporter that he had been in Vietnam; and (7) making false statements about his education and military experience in letters and testimony to the Commission.  Inquiry Concerning Couwenberg, Decision and Order (California Commission on Judicial Performance August 15, 2001).
  • Approving the findings and recommendation of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Florida Supreme Court removed a judge from office for (1) promising in his campaign to favor the state and police and to side against defense and making unfounded attacks on his incumbent opponent and on the local court system and local officials, and (2) presiding over a court case despite a direct personal conflict of interest.  Inquiry Concerning McMillan, 797 So. 2d 560 (Florida 2001).
  • Based on a stipulation of facts and joint recommendation, the Illinois Courts Commission suspended a judge for 3 months without pay for entering an injunction following a hearing that was a “parody of legal procedure,” according to a federal court.  In re Radcliffe, Order (Illinois Courts Commission August 23, 2001).

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