Throwback Thursday

25 years ago this month:

  • Approving the recommendation of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Florida Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a judge for his treatment of a police officer who had given him a ticket and for questioning an attorney ex parte in his chambers about an unflattering newspaper article concerning him.  Re Steinhardt, 663 So. 2d 616 (Florida 1995).
  • Upholding the determination of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, the New York Court of Appeals removed a judge for her involvement with someone who was engaged in drug-dealing and money-laundering schemes.  In the Matter of Backal, 660 N.E.2d 1104 (New York 1995).
  • Accepting a settlement agreement, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals publicly censured a former judge for (1) on a number of occasions, approaching a court employee, speaking to her with lewd and vulgar language, touching and kissing her without her consent, and using language and behavior that were offensive and sexual in nature; (2) on a number of occasions, making offensive comments to another court employee that could be reasonably construed as sexual harassment; and (3) on at least 2 occasions, being under the influence of alcohol while on the bench and making offensive and inappropriate remarks to litigants and/or attorneys appearing before him.  In the Matter of Hey, 452 S.E.2d 24 (West Virginia 1995).

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