Marching up-date

To up-date the Tuesday blog post on judges’ participating in marches, vigils, and similar issue-related community activities, note that the Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics has just posted a relevant new opinion. In Connecticut Informal Opinion 2020-3, the committee advised that a judicial officer may not participate in “A Silent March of Black Female Attorneys of Connecticut” by meeting marchers on the steps of the Supreme Court and reading part of the state constitution even if he is not introduced, does not identify himself by name or title, does not wear a robe, does not permit his name or title to be used in advertising, does not interpret the constitutional provision, and does not speak with the media. The opinion notes that the judicial officer’s identity could be easily ascertained and that supporters of the march are encouraged to bring protest signs, which might, refer to police brutality and/or other pending cases, and will be wearing “We Can’t Breathe” buttons, which refer to the George Floyd case and similar police abuse cases.

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