Judicial Conduct Reporter

The spring issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter has been published.  The issue has articles on:

  • Judicial discipline for drunk driving
  • Public hearings in judicial discipline proceedings
  • Why do judicial conduct commissions dismiss so many complaints?
  • Recent cases
    • Intoxicated altercation (In the Matter of Adams, Jacobs, and Bell, 134 N.E.3d 50 (Indiana 2019))
    • Letter of support (Inquiry Concerning Lederman, Caballero, Figarola, Pooler, and Ruiz (Florida Supreme Court 2020))
    • Review and approve (Public Reprimand of Leahy (Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards 2020))
    • “Beyond mere friendly conversation” (Disciplinary Counsel v. Porzio (Ohio Supreme Court 2020))
    • Much more than catching extra fish” (In the Matter of Ferguson (West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals 2020))

The Judicial Conduct Reporter is published electronically, and an index and current and past issues of the Reporter are available on-line.  Anyone can sign up to receive notice when a new issue is available.

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