Throwback Thursday

 5 years ago this month:

  • Based on an agreement, the Arkansas Commission on Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission publicly censured a judge for (1) issuing arrest warrants for 4 persons without probable cause documentation presented by a law enforcement officer or the county prosecuting attorney and presiding or attempting to preside over the resulting criminal charges and (2) a pattern of rude, impatient, and undignified temperament.  Letter to Van Hook (Arkansas Commission on Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission January 16, 2015).
  • Accepting the findings and recommendation of the Judicial Standards Commission based on an agreement, the North Carolina Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a judge for allowing plaintiff’s counsel to present advice and opinion on the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act of 2003 outside of the presence of the servicemember/litigant or anyone appointed to represent him, relying on that advice and opinion without independently researching the law, and inappropriately denying the servicemember/litigant the appointment of legal representation guaranteed under the Act.  In re Branch, 767 S.E.2d 47 (North Carolina 2015).


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