A sampling of recent judicial ethics advisory opinions

  • A judge may participate in a study on judicial diversity in state courts but should not answer questions that could be perceived to suggest a predisposition to decide matters in a certain way regardless whether a case is pending or impending in any court.  Maryland Opinion Request 2019-27.
  • A judge and a judicial association may publicly support or oppose proposed legislative or constitutional changes to court structure, court operations, or the terms or conditions of judicial service by writing and submitting letters, articles, or editorials to newspapers and other publications; advocating in person or in writing to public officials, governmental bodies, and labor unions; testifying at public hearings; and speaking at public or private forums, other than partisan political gatherings or meetings of a political party or committee.  A judge and a  judicial association should use discretion when expressing a position on social media.  New York Opinion 2019-120.
  • A judge may speak about her judicial experiences at a federal legislator’s non-partisan, non-political youth cabinet meeting.  New York Opinion 2019-100.
  • A judicial official may not play a fictional judge in a scripted docudrama that raises controversial political and societal issues, such as reparations, police brutality, and the killing of innocent blacks.  Connecticut Informal Opinion 2019-3.
  • A judicial official may join a local bar association as a dues-paying member but should regularly re-examine the association’s activities and rules and should carefully consider whether identification with or involvement in specific programs or activities may undermine confidence in his independence, integrity, and impartiality or result in frequent disqualification.  Connecticut Informal Opinion 2019-4.
  • A judge may serve as a member of the House of Deputies at the general convention of the Episcopal Church.  Florida Opinion 2019-31.
  • A judge may serve on the board of a not-for-profit organization that advocates for effective policies and evidence-based solutions for the health, education, and success of children who are vulnerable because of poverty, racism, health disparities, and trauma.  New York Opinion 2019-105
  • A judge may not write or join an article or editorial on issues of substantial public controversy involving American foreign policy and military operations.  New York Opinion 2019-106.
  • A full-time magistrate judge may not be engaged in business as a motivational speaker.  South Carolina Opinion 15-2019.
  • A family court judge should not appear by telephone as a witness for a friend in an out-of-state custody/relocation hearing.  South Carolina Opinion 16-2019.



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