Judicial Conduct Reporter

The winter issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter has been published.  The issue reviews 2018 and has articles on:

  • State judicial discipline in 2018
  • Removal cases in 2018
  • Top judicial ethics and discipline stories of 2018
    #MeToo and the judiciary
    Indictments and impeachments in West Virginia
    Facebook fails
    Legal error plus
  • What judges said that got them in trouble in 2018
    What they said to or about litigants
    What they said to or about attorneys
    What they said to or about court staff
    What they said that abused the prestige of office
    What they said on social media
    What they said during campaigns

The Judicial Conduct Reporter is published electronically, and an index and current and past issues of the Reporter are available on-line.  Anyone can sign up to receive notice when a new issue is available.



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