A sampling of recent judicial ethics advisory opinions

  • A judge may participate, identified as a judge and wearing a robe, in a state agency video explaining successful truancy measures for juveniles. West Virginia Opinion 2018-19.
  • Judges must assume their attendance at a march, rally, or protest will be scrutinized, publicized, and depicted in reports of the event, including in press coverage or on social media, and consider whether their participation would appear to a reasonable person to undermine their independence, integrity, or impartiality or demean the judicial office, which is an objective standard. Unless an event is directly related to the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice, judges should refrain from publicizing their affiliation with the judicial branch when participating.  The same restrictions apply to judges’ personal staff, courtroom clerks, and court managers.  Arizona Opinion 2018-6.
  • A judicial official may not act as a reference for a support enforcement officer who regularly testifies before him and is applying for a promotion Connecticut Informal Opinion 2018-17.
  • A judge may host a “meet & greet” in her home for the new dean of the Oklahoma City University law school if there will be no fund-raising. Oklahoma Opinion 2018-10.
  • A judge may serve on a committee that interviews applicants to his alma mater and recommend a student for admission as long as his title is not mentioned in the recommendation. Florida Opinion 2018-31.
  • A judicial official may not accept an award at a fund-raising dinner for a non-profit human relations organization that promotes inclusion and acceptance through education, advocacy, and building respectful and just communities. Connecticut Informal Opinion 2018-16.
  • A judge may accept a raffle prize valued at approximately $500 at a charity event hosted by the probation department, which regularly appears in her court. New York Opinion 2018-133.
  • A judge may not participate in an interview with a former juror writing a book about a case over which she presided when related proceedings remain pending or impending. New York Opinion 2018-134.
  • A judge may serve as a manager in a real estate investment limited liability company formed to manage his real estate investments and those of close family members but should avoid that role if other members could easily undertake the duties and may not serve if doing so would require frequent disqualification. North Carolina Formal Opinion 2018-1.
  • A judge may serve as an executor/administrator for a great nephew’s estate when they had a close family relationship and may receive the statutorily mandated compensation. West Virginia Opinion 2018-4.
  • A magistrate may participate in a street/block yard sale in his neighborhood. West Virginia Opinion 2018-8.
  • A circuit court judge’s spouse may be the executive director of an organization that provides domestic violence victim advocacy services, including in proceedings before the circuit court, but they judge should not discuss with her the organization’s policies, activities, or clients or attend the organization’s events and should advise her not to promote or comment on their relationship in a job interview or any aspect of her duties. Wyoming Opinion 2018-2.
  • Judicial candidates must disavow third-party/PAC advertisements that contain statements that are false or misleading; that indicate the candidate would be biased in favor of or against an individual, group, or legal issue; or that do not accurately reflect the duties and role of a judge. West Virginia Opinion 2018-22.


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