Throwback Thursday

5 years ago this month:

  • Adopting the factual findings of a master, the California Commission on Judicial Performance publicly admonished a judge for communicating his desired disposition of his son’s case to a clerk and participating in a favorable disposition of the matter in chambers with the pro tem judge. Inquiry Concerning Mills, Decision and Order (California Commission on Judicial Performance July 30, 2013).
  • Granting the recommendation of the Commission on Judicial Qualifications, the Iowa Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a part-time judge for wearing his judicial robes and referring to his position as a magistrate in an advertisement for his services as a private attorney. In the Matter of Meldrum, 834 N.W.2d 650 (Iowa 2013).
  • Based on stipulations and the judge’s agreement, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline publicly reprimanded a former judge for conducting a traffic stop of a teenager, using a badge issued to him as a retired highway patrol officer, seizing her driver’s license and directing her to follow him to a sheriff’s sub-station, then re-directing her to a convenience store, and identifying himself as a judicial officer before returning her driver’s license. In the Matter of Bauer, Order (Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline July 12, 2013).

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