Spring issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter

The spring issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter has been published and is now available on-line.  It has articles on habitual tardiness, mixing family and politics at home, including when a family member is a candidate and when a family member supports a candidate, and ethical guidelines for members of judicial conduct commissions.  It also has summaries of recent cases in which judges were disciplined for banning a clerk from the courthouse (Indiana), stalking and harassing (Louisiana), independent investigation in a harassment case (Nevada), ex parte information in a domestic violence case (New York), commenting to a reporter and a discourteous remark in a domestic violence case (California), and a $4 billion bond (Texas).

The Judicial Conduct Reporter is published electronically, and an index and current and past issues of the Reporter are indexed and available on-line as a free download.  You can sign up to receive notice when a new issue is available.

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