Throwback Thursday

5 years ago this month:

  • Accepting the recommendation of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the Alaska Supreme Court removed a former judge for, in ex parte communications, suggesting relevant case law to the prosecution in 2 cases. In re Cummings, 292 P.3d 187 (Alaska 2013).
  • The Delaware Court on the Judiciary publicly censured a judge for delay and failing to comply with reporting mandates. In re Coppadge 74 A.3d 593 (Delaware 2013).
  • The Louisiana Supreme Court suspended a judge for 1 year without pay for (1) failing to disqualify himself from a hearing on an inmate’s motion to reconsider his sentence after it became clear that the inmate was making allegations that would benefit the judge and (2) giving advice to the inmate in an ex parte letter. In re Boothe, 110 So.3d 1002 (Louisiana 2013).


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