Throwback Thursday

25 years ago this month:

  • The Delaware Court on the Judiciary censured and removed from office a judge who, without first resigning, sought the endorsement of his party convention for the nomination for Governor of Delaware. In the Matter of Buckson, 610 A.2d 203 (Delaware 1992).
  • Approving a conditional agreement for discipline, the Indiana Supreme Court publicly reprimanded and admonished a former judge for pulling down his pants and revealing his undergarments and portions of his bare buttocks in his office in the presence of a female clerk employee, a police officer, and an employee of the court, without invitation or forewarning; the Court also prohibited the former judge from serving as a judge for 8 years. In the Matter of Katic, 595 N.E.2d 259 (Indiana 1992).
  • The Nebraska Supreme Court removed from office a judge who (1) regularly conducted disposition hearings without providing for a verbatim record, contrary to previous opinions and to discourage appellate review; (2) improperly ordered parties in a case out of the courtroom, prevented the attorney from the department of social services from making a record and excluded her from meetings, and received information out of court that affected his decision; and (3) ordered law enforcement officers to take 2 juveniles into custody and place them in the custody of the county administrator to prompt the county board of commissioners to provide a county juvenile detention facility and in retaliation for a dispute over parking spaces. In re Staley, 486 N.W.2d 886 (Nebraska 1992).
  • Based on an agreed statement of facts and memoranda as to sanction, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct admonished a judge who, in court and to a newspaper reporter, made comments about the celebration of Christmas by the mother in a custody proceeding in which the litigants and their children were Jewish. In the Matter of Feiden, Determination (New York Commission on Judicial Conduct July 29, 1992).



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