Throwback Thursday  


5 years ago this month:

  • Pursuant to the judge’s agreement and based on a stipulation of facts and a waiver of hearing, the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities made public its private reprimand of a judge for misleading attorneys that a case would be tried in less than 24 hours and directing the clerk to create and post a false document setting the case for a jury trial. In the Matter of McDowell, Private reprimand (Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities October 24, 2011).
  • A 3-member panel appointed to hear a formal complaint filed by the Minnesota Judicial Standards Board reprimanded a former judge for (1) sending confidential information from a sealed court file to a state senator and (2) creating the appearance of impropriety by withdrawing from the campaign for his office after the deadline for other candidates had closed, leaving his clerk as the sole candidate for his seat. Inquiry Concerning Armstrong, Findings and recommendation (Panel appointed by Minnesota Supreme Court October 31, 2011).

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