Throwback Thursday

25 years ago this month:

  • Approving a stipulation and joint recommendation, the Florida Supreme Court reprimanded a judge who had (1) verbally abused and intimidated attorneys, witnesses, and parties, (2) engaged in improper ex parte communications, including one instance that necessitated a new trial, (3) made inappropriate comments on pending proceedings, and (4) failed to timely disqualify himself in proceedings in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Inquiry Concerning Perry, 586 So. 2d 1054 (Florida 1991).
  • Approving a conditional agreement for discipline, the Indiana Supreme Court reprimanded a judge for knowingly making a contribution to a candidate for secretary of state; the judge had stated to the candidate’s campaign manager, “I want to give you $100, but I want you to put it in my wife’s name because I’m a sitting judge and I’m not supposed to be doing this” and then wrote “on behalf of [his wife’s name]” on the check even though he knew that he would also be identified as a contributor. In the Matter of Sallee, 579 N.E.2d 75 (Indiana 1991).



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