Throwback Thursday

5 years ago this month:

  • The California Commission on Judicial Performance admonished a judge for abuse of the contempt power. In the Matter Concerning Wagoner, Decision and order (California Commission on Judicial Performance September 13, 2011).
  • Agreeing with the recommendation of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the Georgia Supreme Court removed a judge for (1) obtaining and consuming marijuana at least once a week from March to May 2010; (2) showing up at the house of his sister-in-law’s estranged husband, identifying himself as a magistrate judge, and kicking in doors to gain access to 2 bedrooms; (3) in the courthouse, pointing a firearm at himself and stating to another magistrate judge, “I am not scared. Are you all scared?”; (4) while on a local cable television talk show, making derogatory remarks about the Chief Magistrate Judge and calling him “spineless;” disclosing that he had filed a complaint with the Commission against the Chief Magistrate Judge; and exposing the identity of a confidential informant and displaying the informant’s photograph; (5) making a phone call to the talk show while the sheriff was being interviewed and, after initially trying to disguise his voice with foreign accents, telling the sheriff that he had “crapped himself’ and that the sheriff was a “spineless jelly spine;” and (6) refusing to work certain hours that had been specifically assigned to him by the Chief Magistrate Judge.  Inquiry Concerning Peters, 715 S.E.2d 56 (Georgia 2011).
  • Based on agreed findings of facts, the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance suspended a judge for 30 days without pay, reprimanded her, and fined her $500 for executing a felony arrest warrant for a man based on an affidavit submitted by his ex-wife while she was serving as the ex-wife’s attorney. Commission on Judicial Performance v. Bustin, 71 So. 3d 598 (Mississippi 2011).
  • The Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct admonished a judge for discussing a citation with the game warden who had issued it and unilaterally dismissing the case based on ex parte communications with the defendant and the fear of a potential lawsuit. Public Admonition of Cox (Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct September 8, 2011).


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