Judicial Conduct Reporter

The winter 2016 issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter has been published.  The issue reviews the past year in judicial ethics and discipline with statistics on state sanctions and summaries of the 9 cases in which judges were removed from office.  There is also an article on the top judicial ethics stories of 2015:  the harsher penalties imposed by the Florida Supreme Court in several cases, including the judge who challenged a public defender to a fight that was caught on a video that went viral; discipline proceedings involving several federal judges and the revision of the discipline process itself; judges’ performance of same-sex marriages; judges’ involvement in the Boy Scouts; and personal solicitation of campaign contributions.  Finally, the issue includes “what they said that got them in trouble,” judicial quotes that led to judicial discipline.

Current and past issues of the Judicial Conduct Reporter are available on-line as free downloads here.  You can sign up to receive notice when a new issue is available here.


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