Recent news

Approving a stipulation, findings of fact, and recommended discipline, the Florida Supreme Court ordered a judge to appear before it to be publicly reprimanded for giving incomplete and inaccurate answers in interviews with a judicial nominating commission.

Based on the judge’s agreement, the Georgia Commission on Judicial Qualifications suspended a probate judge for 4 months without pay and publicly reprimanded her for failing to complete a mandatory mentoring program but certifying that she had.

The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission privately reprimanded a judge for “liking” the Facebook pages of lawyers, law firms, and candidates.

The New Mexico Supreme Court requested public comment on proposed revisions to the state’s code of judicial conduct, including a new comment that would state that, “Judges and judicial candidates are . . . encouraged to pay extra attention to issues surrounding emerging technology, including those regarding social media, and are urged to exercise extreme caution in its use so as not to violate the Code.”

Accepting an agreed statements of facts and joint recommendation, the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct admonished a judge for mishandling a $500 cash bail he received at an arraignment and failing to maintain records of the proceeding as required.

Adopting the findings of fact and conclusions of law, based on stipulations, the Ohio Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a judge for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

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