Recent news

  • The winter 2015 issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter is now available for download as a PDF. It has articles on state judicial discipline in 2014 and the top judicial ethics stories of 2014.
  • Pursuant to a stipulation and agreement, the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications concluded an investigation of a former judge’s conduct and supervision of a drug court program with his agreement not to serve in judicial office again.
  • Adopting the findings and recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, that were based on stipulated facts and accepted by the judge, the New Jersey Supreme Court reprimanded a part-time judge for (1) using his judicial stationery to attempt to intercede in a juvenile matter on behalf of the daughter of a councilman and (2) representing a Garwood Borough councilman in a personal matter while serving as judge on Garwood municipal court..
  • The New Mexico Judicial Standards Commission released its annual report for 2015, summarizing public proceedings and 12 private cautionary letters, 3 remedial measures, and 3 confidential stipulations.
  • Adopting a consent-to-discipline agreement based on stipulations, the Ohio Supreme Court publicly reprimanded a judge for telling jurors in a criminal trial that they had reached the wrong verdict.
  • The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board issued letter of counsel to a judge for leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Based on the judge’s agreement, the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct censured a judge for his conduct in several hearings in a juvenile case, which the Court of Appeals had determined was a “procedural train wreck.”



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