2014 sanctions

In 2014, as a result of state disciplinary proceedings, 123 or former judges in 34 states were publicly sanctioned.

• 10 judges (or former judges in two cases) were removed from office
• One judge was suspended without pay until the end of her term and censured
• Two judges were retired due to disabilities
• One former judge was permanently barred from judicial office and censured
• 14 judges resigned or retired in lieu of discipline pursuant to public agreements with conduct commissions
• 95 additional judges (or former judges in approximately 17 cases) received other public sanctions. Approximately half of the sanctions were entered pursuant to the judge’s agreement

Of those 95 judges,

  • 16  were suspended without pay for from 30 days to one year
  • 15 were publicly censured
  • 39 were publicly reprimanded
  • 16 were publicly admonished
  • Five received other sanctions (a private reprimand made public pursuant to the judge’s waiver, a public warning, a private warning made public pursuant to a finding of discretionary disclosure, a letter of informal adjustment, and a one-year law license suspension for a judge whose judicial position does not require a license)
  • Four former judges were disciplined for their conduct as judges in lawyer discipline proceedings (one disbarment, one indefinite suspension of law license, one six-month suspension, one four-month suspension)

(There is one case included in the count for  which the time for review has not yet expired; if the judge asks for review, the number of admonishments will be reduced by one.)

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