Disqualification and campaign contributions

The American Bar Association has adopted a resolution urging states and territories to adopt judicial disqualification and recusal procedures that “(1) take into account the fact that certain campaign expenditures and contributions, including independent expenditures, made during judicial elections raise concerns about possible effects on judicial impartiality and independence; (2) are transparent;
(3) provide for the timely resolution of disqualification and recusal motions; and (4) include a mechanism for the timely review of denials to disqualify or recuse that is independent of the subject judge.” The resolution also urges states “to provide guidance and training to judges in deciding disqualification/recusal motions.”

The Center for Judicial Ethics keeps have been keeping track of disqualification provisions related to campaign contributions in a document available on the “learn more about judicial ethics and discipline page” on the Center web-site.

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